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happy birthday rovar

MACHINEGUN GUNFIGHTING - December 8-9, 2007, Prescott, AZ

coderman: "The modern ground battlefield has been ruled by the machinegun since WWI. In this class we will discuss the history, applications and tactics of machinegunnery. We will spend the first day learning how to operate these weapons and manipulate them with the same skill we have for our own personal weapons."
coderman: "Then we will take that knowledge out to the range and spend the second day shooting various weapons and running through various machinegun drills."
coderman: "We will examine the PMK, the Kalashnikov of machineguns, the US military's M60, and the M1919 in .308."
coderman: "All ammunition is included in the class fee." -- aha, no wonder it's $1,500 !

Doctor Links a Man's Illness to a Microwave Popcorn Habit

coderman: the only diacetyl i like is diacetylmorphine!
coderman: YUMMY!

As Prostitutes Turn to Craigslist, Law Takes Notice

coderman: “Craigslist has become the high-tech 42nd Street, where much of the solicitation takes place now,” said Richard McGuire, Nassau’s assistant chief of detectives. “Technology has worked its way into every profession, including the oldest.”
coderman: DO THEY TAKE VISA???
cryptomail: That would actually legitimize them
cryptomail: And make it traceable heheheheh
coderman: DO THEY TAKE E-GOLD???
cryptomail: Sex e-gold terrorists

Storm Worm's Fast Flux Networks

Mutiny-: WE'RE FUX0R'D
Mutiny-: The "snap-shots" thing on this blog is almost as annoying as the fucking Storm worm itself.

Pending-Home Sales Decline 12.2% in one month


Senator Craig hasn't given up

Ash: porno music plays

Further evidence for Rule 34 of the Internet (per http://xkcd.com/305/)

seti: Or 35, as the case may be
est: http://wetriffs.com/

Meercats find digital camera, take fmaily photo.

rik: No, seriosuly. At Longleat zoo in England.
rik: the photos they took are in the article.

Charlie Stross: Unpacking the Zeitgeist

seti: from comments: "The problem with intelligent people writing about the future is they forget how dumb most of their fellow human beings are."
est: it was when i saw the ads for ED drugs that i realized i was in an Alfred Bester novel

Action movies!

Police chief: "Lockerbie evidence was faked"


Debt 'Conduits' Are Hovering Over Citigroup

coderman: <citi> suck a little harder plz!
coderman: "Though few investors realize it, banks such as Citigroup Inc. could find themselves burdened by affiliated investment vehicles that issue tens of billions of dollars in short-term debt known as commercial paper. The investment vehicles, known as "conduits" and SIVs, are designed to operate separately from the banks and off their balance sheets."
coderman: "Citigroup, for example, owns about 25% of the market for SIVs, representing nearly $100 billion of assets under management. The largest Citigroup SIV is Centauri Corp., which had $21 billion in outstanding debt as of February 2007, according to a Citigroup research report. There is no mention of Centauri in its 2006 annual filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission."
coderman: "Allowing a SIV to fail could sully the reputation of a bank that created it and even cause financial-system risks because investors might suddenly refrain from buying commercial paper from other conduits and SIVs."
coderman: "But if a bank mounted a rescue, it also would likely raise questions over why the bank didn't consolidate the vehicle in the first place, since it would be agreeing to bear losses associated with it."
coderman: ahh, catch-22. makes for a good plot in, "The Day The Market Fucked Me Raw, that October day in 2007"

The Skeleton in Uncle Sam's Closet

coderman: gotta love a mag with a title like "paranoiamagazine"
coderman: damn, they shot that guy in tigard, OR in the back of the head and called it a suicide?
coderman: glad i moved one town over to beaverton!! hahahaha
coderman: "on May 15, 1966, Lt. Col. Clifford M. Andrew, who had received FDR's stand down order at Military Intelligence in Hawaii, was murdered in his home in Tigard, Oregon, by a bullet in the back of the head." -- the FBI called it a suicide. lol

kadmind full remote r00t via malformed RPC

coderman: ouch!

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