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Burning Man participant found dead hanging inside tent

lemonodor: "A Burning Man participant was found dead this morning, hanging from the inside of a two-story high tent, according to Mark Pirtle, special agent in charge for the Bureau of Land Management."
lemonodor: Pirtle said the man was hanging for two hours before anyone in the large tent thought to bring him down. "His friends thought he was doing an art piece," Pirtle said.
Ash: yet again proving that burners are all retards
seti: Now was this a suicide... or involuntary audience participation?
coderman: "Burning man: Come hang with us!"
seti: Swinging!

What snopes actually says

what snopes ought to say

Republican Fred Thompson will formally announce his long-anticipated presidential candidacy on a webcast next Thursday

coderman: <Thompson> democracy in these united states has long favored the actor turned politician idiom. i stand before you to declare my intent to run for president of these united states, and i shall be victorious, for my acting skillz deny all challengers the authority and capability invested by celluoid that i alone have attained!

Inside the Terrorist Screening Center

Tucker Carlson: the least anti-gay right-winger you'll ever meet

coderman: does he still wear the bow tie?

Even the Navy Can't Censor the Internet

Justice Dept. Investigating Gonzales's Testimony

IronKey private surfing

coderman: "To protect your privacy, IronKey has extended Tor technology originally sponsored by the US Naval Research Laboratory. IronKey's Secure Sessions Service sends your Web traffic through multiple network routing servers before decrypting it on an IronKey server and sending it to the destination site."
coderman: read: Tor!

George Soros tried to buy several elections.

Idiot Skyline driver ignores road sign, comedy ensues


est takes a walk

est: also with moob song http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7348084038808504812

Yahoo! Finance: SPY vs ^SPY


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