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Welcome to the David Beckham / Posh Spice fan club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111one | SPICE WORLD 2008



How AT&T screwed South Africa

seti: also on /.

MetaFilter: Gold Foil Hat Apocalypse next week... Help

lemonodor: "This means nothing. This is Wall Street Timecube."

This is what EST was talking about

anomie: tock

i.Beat blaxx


Drinking straw - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

coderman: where "silly" ~= "crazy"
coderman: "A "crazy" straw is hard plastic and has a number of twists and turns at the top. When liquid is sucked through the straw, it quickly flows through the winding path, creating an entertaining spectacle."
coderman: and sometimes also 2 feet long and full of liqour
coderman: "The Sipahh. A drinking straw that contains flavoured tapioca beads that dissolve as milk passes over them to add colour and flavour." -- OK, I CALL BULLSHIT ON THIS ONE.

MythBusters: do pretty girls fart?

coderman: <I WONT SPOIL THE ENDING!?!?>
coderman: dude, i hate it when i fart old men and brocoli out my ass...
coderman: really ruins the moment.

Medical Massage Full Body Buttocks


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