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does this have any hits?

Washington County Sheriff's Office Citizen Academy

coderman: aka, coderman goes undercover, infiltrating the fuzz!
coderman: "The classes give citizens an opportunity to observe the inner workings of their Sheriff's Office. Students use police equipment, participate in jail activities, and interact with trainers who are among the best in the State."
coderman: "Topics covered in the academy include deputy selection and training, specialized duties and units, jail operations, patrol operations, security, investigations, tactical operations, use of force and deadly force, vice and narcotics, crime scene investigations, and crime prevention."

best body count titles evar

coderman: i think it's near impossible to top State of Emergency

BioShock game review

coderman: "Banners proclaim ALTRUISM IS THE SOURCE OF ALL EVIL" - lol, what??
coderman: this seems to have missed the recent research indicating altruism as an adaptive strategy, well bred into all of us at an instinctual level.
coderman: oh well, sounds like fun regardless.
coderman: "You're soon beset by deranged flappers and dandies, like Jay Gatsby's party guests gone feral" -- now those i'd enjoy mowing down in true state of emergency style!

24C3: Volldampf voraus!

seti: 24th Chaos Communication Congress, 27-30 December 2007, Berlin, Germany

Holy mother of fuck.

Experiences with Haskell as a person with Asperger's


rovar: Football; Greeks vs Germans

Madagascar Institute's pulse jet at Robodock 2005

seti: Ran only one night, after that the authorities said "You know, this is just too noisy."
seti: Dante Organ at Robodock 2005
seti: Hand of God ... plus the reaction most people near it exhibited when it goes off: GTFO
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