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US psychologists reject bar on participation in military interrogations

coderman: "The American Psychological Association (APA) [official website] voted Sunday against a measure that would have prevented its members from participating in the interrogations of terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay [JURIST news archive] and other military prisons where suspects have been tortured."
coderman: "The APA instead passed a resolution stating that the association opposes the use of torture and specifying what practices it finds particularly inhumane, including mock executions, sleep deprivation, and sexual humiliation."
coderman: <APA> practices that are only mildly inhumane are great tools we must retain in our kit of patient exploitation.
coderman: <APA> dem bitches bettah bow down and submit to our authoritah!!!'
coderman: <USGov> we'd really like to mid fuck these guys into total compliance. just mentally rape them into broken shells of a human being. got any ideas?
coderman: <GoodDoktor> why, the following techniques are particularly useful for inflicting mental truama! let me count the ways ...
coderman: <coderman> i can't speel today

Lawyer in Oregon bottom-swatting case says 3 girls have settled

coderman: "The boys were arrested in February after a teacher's aide saw them running down the hall swatting girls on the rear. They later acknowledged, under interrogation by a police officer, that they had poked girls on the breast in the past. They were charged with felony sex abuse and spent five days in juvenile detention."
coderman: moral of the story: a bottom swat and a boob poke == $250 and massive headaches!

Senator Upset With the Response to Subpoena

coderman: "The White House did not fully comply today with a subpoena seeking material on the Bush administration’s eavesdropping program, and a leading Democratic senator reacted with anger, if not surprise." -- lol, surprise?? realy??
coderman: s/realy/really/
coderman: "But Mr. Leahy said the administration had maintained today, as it has before, that the office of the vice president is not part of the executive office of the president, and instead was “some kind of fourth branch of government.” -- oh god, that's classic. it still cracks me up every time.
coderman: <cheney> not only am I head of the Fourth Branch, but this Fourth Branch also enjoys unitary executive privilege!
coderman: <cheney> and, just in case you forgot your american history, the judiciary and senate only apply to the executive branch, and not the vice-executive branch! mwahahaha


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