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GREENSPAN PUT ; <lemonodor> i'm a little surprised to hear accusations of the new witchcraft here in #ia

Time for a theology exam!

seti: also - via. and
manchicken: Because none of those are loaded with ignorance or spite in any way.
est: yea, nor even sarcasm
manchicken: Because nobody could be sarcastic and serious at the same time.

The Principal Programming Paradigms

IRP, Internet Relay Programming

Magazine creators not familiar with the Internet



Starbucks' PR machine tries to throw cold water onto inquiries into scalding incident

Mutiny-: Everybody thinks that Starbucks is this oooohhhhhh so great company but they have designed a plan to avoid losing any money to their inevitable coffee scalding incidents.


Deutsche Bank building in NYC erupts in deadly blaze





teh greenspan put


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