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<DREAMBiT> no! :(

VIA Working on an “Ice-Cold” Processor.

coderman: "Contemporary Processor TDP Reduced Below 1W" -- jeezus. you could run that on a AA
coderman: "One-watt Eden ULV 500MHz will be manufactured with 90nm production technology, will use VIA’s brand name V4 bus with 400MHz working frequency... The CPU will feature 128KB of L1 and L2 cache memory, will support SSE3 extensions and feature VIA PadLock Security Engine that enables native security" -- OH FUCK YES
coderman: i love the power conservation of the everex c7 laptops too. twice the RSA/DSA power of a 2.4Ghz P4M, 50x the AES throughput, and a fraction of the energy consumption.
coderman: they have the NX bit you fucker!
coderman: processor flags: fpu vme de pse tsc msr pae mce cx8 apic sep mtrr pge cmov pat clflush acpi mmx fxsr sse sse2 tm nx up pni est tm2 rng rng_en ace ace_en ace2 ace2_en phe phe_en pmm pmm_en
coderman: processor crypto throughput (8k blocks): SHA-1 268,405.03kB/sec, SHA2-256 263,643.08kB/sec, rsa 1024 394.1 sign/sec, 8710.6 verify/sec, rsa 2048 84.0 sign/sec, 2973.4 verify/sec, dsa 1024 1024.0 sign/sec, 852.5 verify/sec, dsa 2048 349.2 sign/sec, 294.6 verify/sec
coderman: and my favorite, AES-128-CBC throughput 1,029,006.84kB/sec, AES-256-CBC throughput 779,103.35kB/sec
coderman: (for padlock engine @ 1.5Ghz)

Hawaii Is Costliest State for Business

coderman: ... you don't say.
cryptomail[II]: 8 dollars for a gallon of milk LOL
cryptomail[II]: Grow you f00d NEWB


lemonodor: "Federal Reserve policy actions in August 2007: frequently asked questions"

Russia Resumes Patrols by Nuclear Bombers

coderman: want i really want are the nuclear scramjets!

This is officially crazy day

cryptomail[II]: cuckoo.wav
Mutiny-: shake things up a bit.


seti: I'm sure patches are accepted by chump's maintainer to that effect.

coderman once again goes over the top with inane shit.

seti: ...
coderman: you're welcome! tip my micropayment jar!

Dave Winer liked nofollow. nuff said.

RFC3514, also known as "nofollow"

nofollow _still_ Considered Harmful

coderman: "nofollow disrespects the very nature of the web and it disrespects users!"

nofollow Considered Harmful

coderman: but AIM sniffing for hotties is a feature!
Ash: ChumpRank: F
Mutiny-: why does burtonator think nofollow is bad? "Waaaaaaaaaaaah my google referers went down!"

Attention: This channel is logged!

Voting for a ban on KernelXOR.

cryptomail[II]: Nahw
drache: Yeah

Fed cuts discount rate, signals growth concern

coderman: heheh, i love the photo in this article. do they really alternate ominous / clear sky for each fed decision??

Taking bets on how many URLs coderman is going to post today

Mutiny-: Bets must be in scientific notation

My Favorite (computational complexity) Growth Rates

Decoherence in adiabatic quantum computation

coderman: "What it claims is that the effect of strong decoherence on AQC is to (generically) square the time it takes an optimal algorithm to operate. This wipes out quadratic speed-ups (like adiabatic Grover search), but implies that exponential gains remain exponential for AQC even with total loss of phase coherence."

help pass the "no more dirty motherfuckers in government" accountability act!

coderman: i think plentiful use of the death penalty to punish politicians commiting crimes against the people will serve as a useful deterrent.
coderman: <drache> Just execute them on the whitehouse lawn. like Jefferson did. -- EXCELLENT

FBI Office Under Investigation Involved in Secret Spying Controversy



anomie: "either time travel is not possible, or something is actually acting to prevent any backward movement from changing the present."
anomie: something ... LIKE GOD???
coderman: these researchers == retarded
coderman: "Greenberger and colleague Karl Svozil introduce their quantum mechanical model of time travel on the ArXiv e-print service and were promptly laughed out of town as the paper was retracted."


seti: awesome.
coderman: "That’s complicated. There are different answers to that question, depending on whether you’re talking about the Pauling or Mulliken electronegativity scales. The Pauling scale is based on homo- versus heteronuclear bond strength differences, while the Mulliken scale is based on the atomic properties of electron affinity and ionization energy. But it really all comes down to effective nuclear charge."
coderman: "... The valence electrons in an oxygen atom have a lower energy than those of a carbon atom, and electrons shared between them are held more tightly to the oxygen, because electrons in an oxygen atom experience a greater nuclear charge and therefore a stronger attraction to the atomic nucleus! Cool, huh?"
coderman: hahahaha

"Turbo SIM" add-on ($80) allows full iPhone unlocking

more alexyss k tylor

cryptomail: <mother>oooh goodness oh lahwd
est: the better and worser dicks of men's natures

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