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<gresco> you're all unemployed losers.

First Look VIA PX10000 Pico-ITX Motherboard

coderman: oh the juicy padlock crypto goodness on board! mmmmmmm
Mutiny-: you too can get this level of product whoring just from a few motherboards and a laptop!

Citing Four-Day Old Surveillance Law, Bush Seeks Dismissal of Lawsuit Challenging NSA Spying

coderman: <bush> kekeke! i lurv retroactive legislation!
coderman: someone find me a narus, i feel a witty rebirth coming!

Dow Down 387; Second Worst Loss of Year

ceremonial fundoshi tie

est: not easy

KUROTENGU Fundoshi Show 2007 - Part4

Subprime `Tsunami' Hits Asset-Backed Commercial Paper Market

est: WSJ: Money Funds May Hold Subprime Too
est: ``The subprime tsunami has come to the beach, as it were, to the safest of the safe,'' Epstein said.

Wall Street Journal/NBC poll: >2/3 of americans think US in recession or will be in the next year

est: "More than two-thirds of Americans believe the U.S. economy is either in recession now or will be in the next year, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows."

Hamster power!

<paleo-anthropologists> oops..we were wrong [again]



rabbi_: Bitch reporter gets p0wn3d.
est: "we just want to ask some questions"

medeco fixes locks

coderman: that was quick...
coderman: physical security is usually the most latent type to get patched :)
coderman: "Medeco's keys have a special feature in that the bidding on them (the peaks and valleys) is cut at different angles and different offsets (spacing). These angles and offsets can be combined in more than a million variations to create keys that are unique to each lock. Using a computer, however, and taking advantage of engineering tolerances in the lock, the researchers crunched the codes and synthesized the combinations
coderman: now that is fucking cool
coderman: "It's interesting to see how this combination of mechanical and computer analytical methods can be used to attack these things,"

Damn Hippies

Zerodhero: Damn Hippies


rabbi_: DEFCON 15 badge hack, with mp3.


UW CSE and ICSI Web Integrity Checker

coderman: "Update (7-25-2007, 8:00 PDT): We have added another domain name to the test, just in case ISPs have chosen to ignore our current domain names." -- hence, "happyblimp.com" :)

Windows Vista: not all bad!

coderman: "Windows Vista has probably created the single biggest opportunity for the Linux desktop to take market share"
Ash: and yet linux still fails

Vladimir Putin's Blog

coderman: "It seems I am very much like this Harry Potter." - bwahahah

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