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Medeco's M3 cylinder and deadbolt locks get bump'ed and pick'ed at DEF CON

coderman: doh. i love medeco locks. looks like they aren't quite as good after all. :(
coderman: ""Medeco invented the pin tumbler lock that lifts and twists the pins," says Marc Weber Tobias, one of the researchers and an investigative lawyer and author. "It's a brilliant idea and basically these are unpickable locks. But we can pick them. Everybody in my profession has been trying to break these for 30-35 years. And frankly, I can't believe that we've come up with this and nobody else has."
Mutiny-: Oh man they can pick a lock with the whole locking mechanism removed and sitting firmly in their hands. w0n3d!

Britney's Guide to Semiconductor Physics



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