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OpenBSD Founder Theo deRaadt Has Conflict of Interest With AMD

coderman: oh the drama!
Ash: who knew kuro5hin was still around?
Mutiny-: websites linger long after they stop being relevant.
Mutiny-: also, Theo denies support from AMD. Who's lying, him or the author? Theo has more reputation, and more to lose. Follow the money.
Mutiny-: In conclusion. Theo deRaadt: still a dick. People making false accusations: also dicks.
Mutiny-: And the biggest limp dick of them all... kuro5hin.

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A collection of the stupidest 1170 words on the internet

rovar: yes, i wc'd them
rovar: What saddens me is that this made it to the front page of both /. and del.icio.us. Has the collective intelligence of the internet savvy really gotten this low?
rovar: ahem: "The basics of sequential programming are all object oriented."

DTrace sour grapes

Mutiny-: We belittle and are afraid of your DTrace knockoffs.


lemonodor: for est

Open the flood gates Benny Boy!

fridge: We need more liquidity!

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