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"myspace is hacker-proof" ; no it's not.


Mutiny-: (via jwz)



anomie: Write your own caption.
cryptomail: Papers please QUACK

China Insists on Naming Living Buddhas

est: "Ratcheting up its control over Tibetan Buddhism, China on Friday asserted the sole right to recognize living Buddhas, reincarnations of famous lamas that form the backbone of the religion's clergy.

Sidebottom Family

ArtfulTodger: FNAR FNAR "First found in Lancashire where they held a family seat from very ancient times"
ArtfulTodger: sorry to the sidebottom family, no offense meant, but the double-entendre was irresistable fnarr fnarr

The $10 Ableton Foot Controller

Tulsa's rustbucket


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