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When is the firefox => bloat vs not-bloat fork?!

ArtfulTodger: They should re-join it to the Mozilla suite ;)

Short and Sweet: The Barefoot Bum answers common questions asked of atheists

seti: also by the same author
coderman: oh noes, a militant atheist!
coderman: i have a hard time taking anyone seriously who insist on convincing others to not believe in god, or claim that there is nothing beneficial in religion(s) at all.
coderman: however, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sV-a1vmZ6y8 Door To Door Atheists Bother Mormons is hilarious
seti: Door to door atheists bother Mormons
seti: Luckily for you, coderman, Dawkins does take people seriously who - purposefully or not - distort his arguments and answers them politely.



Cat tape - odd japs i tells thee


Oliver: All hail the Habbo Nigra!

Hacker group "Anonymous" threatens society!

Someone steals a full swimming pool -- without spilling any water.

Mutiny: 1000 gal isn't THAT much fucking water. How do they know it didn't leave a trace! Water fucking evaporates, you know.

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