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fear is the mind-killer lol || 8 out of 10||EPIC LULZ

You've all been mean to me and I'm on my way there to burn down your trailers

jilldaw: The best part about this is that Guy A goes nuts and burns down Guy B's trailer after Guy B calls him a "nerd" online. So what does Guy B do? He calls Guy A "stupid" for having set the fire.
jilldaw: Which is true, but hey, maybe Guy B might want to think twice before spewing insults at Guy B...
jilldaw: I mean at Guy A

Allo Paris, we have a problem: Reuters on Tour

Rapture Ready

coderman: rapture me, baby!
coderman: " Over a dozen CUFI members eagerly revealed to me their excitement at the prospect of Armageddon occurring tomorrow."
seti: How much better would the world be if they were actually whisked away.
seti: tag with: batshitinsane


lemonodor: "Secret project spotters are all abuzz about the giant hangar being built out at Area 51/Groom Lake."
ArtfulTodger: ferris wheel
ArtfulTodger: "These dishes are moving in tandem. Probably one dish is used for transmitting, and the other for receiving." .. no, it's called Aperture synthesis .. it's what people who have more than one radio dish do to make their more-than-one dishes act like one Very Big Goddam Dish
coderman: yeah, synchronized dishes == more gain. wtf are these crackpots doing spewing their ignorant conjecture across teh intarwebs?!!?!
ArtfulTodger: "artists deception of the objects"
ArtfulTodger: these answers you get, couldn't they be your own signals bouncing off some object in outer space, some other planet, boomin' back atcha?

Is Google on crack? (they just pissed on the shoes of the telco oligopoly!)

coderman: "I am 100 percent behind Google's four conditions, but I see very little likelihood that they will be accepted by the full commission. I also see that they have slightly moved the wireless incumbents, who are mean and spiteful companies and WILL HAVE THEIR REVENGE."
seti: The irony of Cringely calling anybody on crack.
ArtfulTodger: "If they intended to actually win the auction, which I wish they would, then they wouldn't have tried setting these conditions. They would just bid a truckload of money and walk away with the spectrum."

Morality in Media: Servant of God, or Enemy of Freedom?


crypto[maletop]: WABBIT SEASON
crypto[maletop]: DEFCAWHN SEASON
crypto[maletop]: WABBIT SEASON
crypto[maletop]: DEFCAHWN SEASON

Anonymous on Fox 11

Economist: Turmoil in the markets

seti: "Plenty of companies are still racking up better-than-expected profits. But it is not these corporate fundamentals that are driving the markets right now. Instead, it is subprime woes and the awful possibility of a full-blown credit crunch."

UK phone records to be kept for a year

seti: Internet traffic (including VoIP) excluded for now

Africa unites for Flood Aid concert in Somalia



Indian "CityCat": car that uses tank of compressed air as fuel

ArtfulTodger: "$12,700" .. "can hit 68 mph and has a range of 125 miles" .. "$2 to fill"

Magic lucky penny sells for $5 on eBay.

Mutiny-: Magic lucky penny proves it's power by helping the seller find some asshole willing to pay $5 for a "magic lucky penny" on eBay.
Mutiny-: "I have to mention that it can not legally be proven that there is a soul / blessing / spirit / fairy / or blessing attached to this item. "


Robert A. Heinlein's Legacy

coderman: something tolerable on opinion journal! gasp

Report: Drunk astronauts allowed on shuttle

laney: NASA's not doing much better
laney: Thank God for the Russians
coderman: hells yes
est: worker sabotage too
coderman: "heavy use of alcohol" before launch that was within the standard 12-hour "bottle-to-throttle" rule
coderman: what the fuck? snipping wires on some stress measurement thingy?? why??/

Blast at desert spaceport kills 2, injures 4

Mutiny-: The monkeys are dying before they even get off the launch pad.
Mutiny-: accident of that magnitude could potentially ground these rocket jockeys forever.
Mutiny-: Next Scaled Composites test flight the guy who invented "automatically scrolling top layer dhtml ads" is going along for the ride, regardless if he wants to or not.

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