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going to defcon/blackhat? /msg Mutiny- || 8 out of 10

**To do: preserve ecosystem

ArtfulTodger: see if you can slot this in Friday after lunch
ArtfulTodger: (mp3 audio/transcript)


lemonodor: i guess burtonator is using the chump feed as a source?
Ash: that's uh.. creepy?
adamhill: I guess there is not enough content out on the Intarwebs
ArtfulTodger: he has an article about kernel make config?
ArtfulTodger: "What's <sitename>? <Sitename> is a memetracker which finds the hottest posts from thousands of blogs so you don't have to!"
ArtfulTodger: oh yes you're right .. it's his site .. wow
ArtfulTodger: recurse();

New negatively-charged molecule discovered in space


ArtfulTodger: Linux kernel config defaults .. creating different configs for "make oldconfig" vs "make defconfig" since 2001.
ArtfulTodger: and that's an improvement on the previous behaviour
ArtfulTodger: how does it even do that? someone went to the trouble to specify TWO DIFFERENT sets of defaults????????
ArtfulTodger: ... unless oldconfig is digging up a secretly cached copy of the config i just deleted the .config file of .. ? which isn'
ArtfulTodger: FYI the version arrived at by "make oldconfig" on a non-existing .config is the same as the one from "make menuconfig", both are different to WTF "make defconfig" has secretly stashed up its own hilarious arse
ArtfulTodger: for with xen patch, at least .. YMMV



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