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If we had those 40 million children that were killed over the last 30 years, we wouldn't need the illegal immigrants to fill the jobs that they are doing today. Think about it.

nasty malware in the wildz of teh tubez; translator wanted? :)

ArtfulTodger: function shit()
coderman: indeed. "haha.js" does NOT engender confidence.
coderman: node YaLu at is currently injecting this shit into exit traffic. gotta love chineese h4x0rz...
coderman: feel free to send your love to as an expression of appreciation.


ArtfulTodger: why superblock not tell kernel what to do?
ArtfulTodger: why module not detect superblock when load module?
ArtfulTodger: "When md is compiled into the kernel (not as module)" .. why not?
ArtfulTodger: How amateur do you want to be today?
ArtfulTodger: Linux, building your barriers to entry since 1993
ArtfulTodger: why am I whinging?
ArtfulTodger: it's hard to put those "required" userspace tools there .. (these patches aren't enough, for example)
ArtfulTodger: or are we still supposed to keep quiet when people give us "free" software that's broken and takes up time?
ArtfulTodger: we learn to use it, write the documentation, we do the testing, we do the training, pinnacle developers who get paid set the directions that lead in funny circles
ArtfulTodger: call me paranoid, or billeous, but shit man
ArtfulTodger: oh the advertising too .. isn't advertising supposed to be well-paid?
ArtfulTodger: I'm entitled to bitch, just as much as I'm entitled to sing its praises .. sheesh
ArtfulTodger: to the tune of black sabbath -- sabbath-bloody-sabbath / iron man
coderman: i wrote an initrd+patched kernel for full disk encrypted boot via loop-aes and a simple gpg/dialog based key mgmt ui. what's your fucking deal? learn to code, you lazy bitch! ;)
bk: whats a kernel?
ArtfulTodger: stick with the distros, mang, it's safer ;)
bk: coderming also keeps a pile of thermite ready to go on top of his hdd, for just such an occasion.
ArtfulTodger: /me butts his head up against the path-of-least-resistance


ArtfulTodger: rechump so I can comment on how poor some of this article is
ArtfulTodger: "The purpose of property is to ensure a propertyless class exists to produce the wealth enjoyed by a propertied class."
ArtfulTodger: I'm done.
ArtfulTodger: Oh no .. next he argues that the fact that most people don't individually own property is bad, right after he lectured at us about the evils of an individual-property-centric society.
ArtfulTodger: some resources are scarce, some people are averous, balance this equation .. but please don't rely on absolutes like "property is bad and should be abolished globally" or I will consider you a moron.
ArtfulTodger: damn sad such a poor essay has such a great title
ArtfulTodger: may as well say, the existence of rhetoric about vaguely-defined, unsolvable, sensationalist, enourmously-scoped, emotive issues like that in this essay distracts people from problems with real solutions in their own lives
ArtfulTodger: compare my sentence vs the authors sentence .. mine is accurate, theirs .. it's like they translated something someone else said, and got the translation wrong.

Quest for Hing!

ArtfulTodger: <est> ..for dignity of tock



Steorn Orbo hoax cancelled

ArtfulTodger: summary: "If the heat from the lights was really an issue for the on-site built device, why didn't they: 1) turn off the lights"
seti: The Economist's point of view: "Perpetual nonsense"

Australian "Green" party votes YES TO NUKES

ArtfulTodger: <greens> Give us your dirty slutty nuclear weapons, we will embrace them
ArtfulTodger: <greens> give to us your putrid nuclear waste, we will engulf it
ArtfulTodger: sadly, the anti-nuclear labor party is the one that is opting for energy-intense desalination in place of rain-water storage tanks, so WE ARE BEING FUCKED FROM EVERY DIRECTION HERE
ArtfulTodger: <CIA> divide and rule divide and rule MUHAHAHAHAHAHA MORE NUKES

<M$> We invented the intarweb

ArtfulTodger: aka cloud-centric-services aka Cloud OS

Golden Shield Project, aka The Great Firewall

FBI gets their own "Special Collections Service"

coderman: 'Almost 88% of the cases that the legal burglars helped out with in 2006 involved intelligence gathering, rather than traditional prosecutions.'

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