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your CYBER friends. ----------------------> <pleung> where i am?! || < est> i cant help it..im retarded ~._.~'^'~._.~'^'~._.~'^'~._.~'^'~ BALEETED |IllI||IlIl|| FUCK DARFUR, FIGHT ENTROPY

Which F&V have most/least pesticide residue

ArtfulTodger: I guess this varies a bit for geographical location .. different {pests,farmers}
rovar: This study simply proves that I share the same taste in food as insects.
rovar: Seriously though, farmers are on the whole, dumb, they "fertilize" their crops with chemicals that force plants to draw nutrients from the soil at an increased rate, which leads only to needing more and different fertilizers. They use expensive pesticides when they could be employing natural preditors to crop-eating bugs, e.g. http://www.nysaes.cornell.edu/ent/biocontrol/
ArtfulTodger: see Biodynamic (demeter) for how to repair (and maintain) soil and Permaculture in general
ArtfulTodger: aquaponics is pretty interesting too

Christopher Hitchens on a roll again

seti: In response to accusations morals do not exist apart from divine inspiration.
seti: A more verbose rebuttal on Obsidian Wings.



ArtfulTodger: source (from madman) http://googler.addr.com/Project_symantec.com.rar

completely amazing

Mutiny-: SPOILER:not amazing at all.


Mutiny-: This link is offically "hella meta"
dngor: Chumplike bot that posts to del.icio.us.
dngor: Written by one of them del.icio.us people, at that.


ArtfulTodger: I could write a better search engine with my dick
ArtfulTodger: try putting more than one word in: "Error: keyword not valid or missing"
ArtfulTodger: try putting a version number in for "source package names", eg 2.6.20 .. no results

IBM's EVMS linux kernel code unmaintained since ${X}

ArtfulTodger: current 2.5.5 does not build on 2.6.18 with bad-blocks kernel patch
ArtfulTodger: Is there any (other) reliable way to deal with bad blocks on RAID/volume-managed partitions? afaik bad blocks come pre-installed on SATA drives these days ...
ArtfulTodger: hmm supposedly bad blocks are handled transparently by the drive up until failure time
ArtfulTodger: hmm reiserfs can handle live bad-block mapping with patches for recent kernels .. but how to get a list of those blocks on a live fs anyway? guess?

Tank vandal out for revenge

ArtfulTodger: fantastic!
ArtfulTodger: erm .. i mean BAD
ArtfulTodger: .. "told us he was going through a medical claim for his head injury.. He said something about the radiation from the towers had caused it" ..



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