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"Condoms will break, but I can assure you that vows of abstinence will break more easily than condoms" | ... and vows of marriage easier still ... | It's all heat in this day and age. | avast and behold strange new pussy planets to conquor!

Airport Security ftw!


Privacy Isn't Dead, or At Least It Shouldn't Be: A Q&A with Latanya Sweeney

coderman: "So in one class the instructor says, "The way I remembered the resistor [color codes] when I was a lad at M.I.T. was the following: 'Black boys rape only young girls but Violet gives willingly." -- uh, WTF?
coderman: "And now you are head of the Data Privacy Lab at Carnegie Mellon University. Why did you create it?"
coderman: "One day I was in grad school and [in my research] I came across this letter that roughly said: at the age of two the patient was sexually molested, at the age of three she stabbed her sister with scissors, at the age of four, her parents got divorced, at the age of five she set fire to her home."
coderman: "And then I realized there was nothing in that description that [would be changed by] scrubbing out identifiable information. I'll bet you there's only one person with that experience. And that made me realize that identifiability is really fascinating..."
coderman: "[Earlier in my career] I had learned that if I had the date of birth, gender and a five-digit zip code of a person, I could identify 87 percent of the people in the United States. So even if you don't give me your social security number, I can find out who you are nearly nine out of 10 times." - nice
coderman: "My answer is that the privacy problems that I've seen are probably best solved by the person who first created the technology. What we really have to do is train engineers and computer scientists to design and build technologies in the right kind of way from the beginning." - AMEN!

Breaking News: All Online Data Lost After Internet Crash

coderman: oh fuck dude, i thought you backed up the internet!

Pirate attacks up sharply worldwide in second quarter

coderman: RIAA and MPAA claim piratebay is at fault. news at 11


crypto[maletop]: JFC

US Publisher Turns away from Cartoon Nudity

Man has no legal grounds for objecting to 'Dykes on Bikes'

Mutiny-: no legal recourse against shit that sounds fucking stupid.
seti: Aw shucks. Don't be hatin' on those bicycles. Not everybody likes SUVs
jilldaw: motorcycles, dude. motorcycles
seti: that's another level of awesomeness, then.
seti: Why are there no pictures to go with this article?

Crane accident

Mutiny-: ha. ha. ha.
seti: stupid website layout is almost made up by contents of the photos... almost
Mutiny-: Geocities called from 1996. They want their web pages back.
Mutiny-: this one with a couple of brits wheeling away a motorcycle that fell off a container ship that had it's keel broken is awesome

SuSE/Novell uses an altered RPM format and hasn't released any compatible RPM2BLAH tools .. documented the changes anywhere obvious. WTF?! This situation static since 2001 or so!

ArtfulTodger: 2004
ArtfulTodger: 2001

Welcome to MadamWiki

Star Hood Trek

Mutiny-: The funniest thing you'll see all day.
Mutiny-: "avast and behold strange new pussy planets"
Mutiny-: "uhuru! i told you no gangsta rap on the bridge!"
Mutiny-: "Operation: Ditch A Bitch is in effect!"
Mutiny-: I'm not a nigger i'm from Niger! AF-RO-CA, nigguh!"
Mutiny-: "if a plant busted a nut in my face it would fuck my day up!"

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