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Fuck me could uclibc/busybox be any harder to make work together? Where is the fucking docs on HOW TO MAKE BUSYBOX USING UCLIBC, since according to busybox glibc is unsuitable for static linking .. ?!

DonFundoshi: wasn't uclibc made FOR BUSYBOX? Why isn't it on the front page of AT LEAST ONE of these projects? Or in the INSTALL file?!
DonFundoshi: Or the frigging FAQ
DonFundoshi: the closest I've found is a pointer to use the moving-target, never-stable-release buildroot, and a deb package that installs a uclibc toolchain but can't find libc headers when i try to make
DonFundoshi: <uclibc/debian devs> oh, you're not meant to do that because you don't know about X
DonFundoshi: <me> FUCK OFF
DonFundoshi: solution: edit Makefile, change these variables like this: HOSTCC = i386-uclibc-linux-gcc, HOSTCXX = i386-uclibc-linux-g++
artfultodger: but that won't be enough to get it to compile
artfultodger: also, you must use "make CROSS_COMPILE=i386-uclibc-linux-" each place you would use "make"

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