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Court dismisses suit challenging domestic spying

coderman: a lovely catch-22 here. "You can't prove you were affected!" and "You can't request any info about the program because it is secret"
DonFundoshi: ... "no legal standing to pursue their claims because they could not show they were targeted" .. uh .. LACK OF TARGETTING IN THE OPERATION WAS THE CLAIM. DUH.

Debugging the Greek cellphone scandal

coderman: "For some reason, wiretapping interfaces don't seem to get much technical scrutiny, and we're starting to see how easy it can be to exploit them to nefarious ends. " -- AWWWW YEAH. 0day for Narus - highest bidder!!! eCache or loom funds only!!!
DonFundoshi: If you've got nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. Sleep well, citizens.
DonFundoshi: "for the past 15 years, a considerable part of Ericsson's software development for the AXE has been done under contract by a Greek company based in Athens"
DonFundoshi: call me paranoid, but I would guess from that that this hack was ~15 yrs in the making
DonFundoshi: article suggests that software can be effectively defended against rootkits, and similarly, appears to support the idea that software state can be considered evidence .. which it can't if rootkits can't be effectively defended against, which they can't
DonFundoshi: this suggestion in the same breath as "Complex interactions between subsystems and baroque coding styles (some of them remnants of programs written 20 or 30 years ago) confound developers and auditors alike."
DonFundoshi: also suggests that therefore international police should be available ..
DonFundoshi: welcome back big brother, oh how we missed you
DonFundoshi: "customer trend analysis can become an effective countermeasure against rogue software" .. lovely
DonFundoshi: <big brother> it's for your own protection, you know
DonFundoshi: logic: to prevent spying, we must spy more
DonFundoshi: codeword "It is particularly important not to turn the investigation into a witch hunt."


Microsoft INVENTED sudo .. twenty years too late

Why the liver is an important organ, and how to help it

DonFundoshi: "the typical [Western] diet is damaging to the liver"
DonFundoshi: liver impairment => cognition impairment .. luckily the liver can recover from quite heavy damage if given the chance
DonFundoshi: but since the liver is part of the food => cells repair mechanism, to repair a damaged liver requires care
DonFundoshi: chicken, see egg
DonFundoshi: keywords: altered intellectual function and emotion, as well as disturbed psychomotor and behavioral regulation
DonFundoshi: I guess the drunken mental state is as much a side-effect of temporary impairment of the liver, as vice versa
DonFundoshi: liver damage may also result from blunt trauma including from activities such as boogie-board riding
DonFundoshi: eostrogen helps in recovery from trauma .. /me speculates perhaps soy foods such as tempe, miso are good for aiding recovery ...
DonFundoshi: for our cores are dark and filled with dropsy
DonFundoshi: (humour, geddit?)
DonFundoshi: black humour .. schadenfreude .. call it what you will
DonFundoshi: love the gif ...
DonFundoshi: 3: Proposed mechanism for abdominal injury while bodyboarding

YouTube - David Hasselhoff Eats A Burger While Drunk (Full Version)

Mutiny-: I know this is so horribly sad and bad for Hasselhoff, but it's still supremely funny.

Pirate Party.se: PirateBay "blocked" in Sweden by police abusing "child porn" filter list

DonFundoshi: I guess it was just a matter of time before these laws started getting abused to shut down user-contribution sites .. lets shut down the phone system too, since that is also used by Evil Men
DonFundoshi: "something something cry wolf ..."
DonFundoshi: s/laws/laws and filters/

Vulerabilities in your software up for auction to the highest bidder.

DonFundoshi: article points out that this system exists already, just now the "legit" security guys want to take over

"It is cunningly designed so that it can ring at full volume in the street without apparently disturbing anyone."

Mutiny-: Lets hear it for DonFundoshi

Cracked LCD images

Mutiny-: Hilarity ensues!

Heinlein Centennial celebration in Kansas City

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