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Full-disk encryption. it's not just for crypto-dorks!

coderman: "Geek Squad agents scour your computer for those porn pics you and your girlfriend(s) took, and load it onto their thumb drives. Even the ones you thought you deleted."
cryptomail: <geeksquadmgr>go forth and get THY PORNNNNNNNNNNNNN
Mutiny-: Yeah good fucking thinking, coderman. How are they going to fix your computer if the whole disk is encrypted again?
coderman: hardware problems. if you've got software problems, then an untrusted stranger out of sight is not a great way to ensure your privacy.

Will she sue apple

Oh Dear Lord! BEEEES!

It So Is


Germany jumps the shark. All sorts of software now illegal?

coderman: "In June 2007, the German parliament passed changes to the computer crime laws, including §202c StGB, which states (unapproved translation): Whoever prepares a crime according to §202a or §202b and who creates, obtains or provides access to, sells, yields, distributes or otherwise allows access to passwords or other access codes, that allow access to data or computer programs whose aim is to commit a crime will be puni
coderman: "Additionally, this new section is interwoven with other laws, including the ones covering terrorism. The current interpretation includes the acceptance of others committing a crime using your (or our) material as violation of §202c."
coderman: ROCKate LiveCD now dead as well... :(
DonFundoshi: see also

Free energy no worky

seti: Colour me surprised.

Why Novell (SuSE) is dropping changing default filesystem from reiserfs to ext3

DonFundoshi: "Novell will continue to support and improve ReiserFS"
DonFundoshi: nice question in the comments section: "Why don't they use Novell's NSS(Novell Storage Services)?"
DonFundoshi: i wonder if lack of primary developer might, ironically, end up causing linux kernel hackers to pay some more attention to reiser3/4, now they no longer have the excuse "OH I CAN"T WORK WITH THIS GUY HE IS SOOOOO ANNOYING <FISTS OF RAGE>!!!1!!!" ... ?
DonFundoshi: and now there are a zillion lonely users crying out for some fs developer lovin' ...
DonFundoshi: /me waits for the trolls to wander off
DonFundoshi: hahaha love the logic: "Since reiserfs is in maintenance mode, the effort needed to continue to support it in future releases should be shrinking." .. but for this reason we should change our default, and because reiser4 is unproven, we should pin our hopes on ext4 (which is unproven)
DonFundoshi: dude there's a reason why "stable" code is vigorously defended from enhancements, and only accepts bug-fixes.
seti: Linux and stable code are orthogonal
DonFundoshi: probably a good thing too .. for the sake of the stable code

Alternative Transformers theme song by Black Lab

seti: "It's probably Japanese." is the highlight joke of the movie. (Yes, it is that bad.)

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