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<DonFundoshi> oh yes, i can run the channel now, you others are all redundent!

George Bush Obstructs Justice

CNN: Michael Moore's `SiCKO' facts mostly accurate

Ash: commies win again

What happened before the Big Bang?

pretender: Also see string theory


DonFundoshi: == Columbia Digital News System CDNS
DonFundoshi: keywords: Why not exist?
DonFundoshi: This used to work, live demo, reasonably accurate, and above-all useful -- especially since it generates content that could be re-syndicated without copyright hassles
DonFundoshi: cue google-news
DonFundoshi: NewsBlaster news aggregator, re-writer, summariser web-bot
DonFundoshi: eats and leaves bones of http://www.kurzweilcyberart.com/ and most other academic 'ai' projects I've seen
DonFundoshi: man can't believe how epic it was to find this
DonFundoshi: re-find

IBM PC "very very very fast"

DonFundoshi: "one-petaflop configuration is a 294,912 processor, 72-rack system harnessed to a high speed optical network"
DonFundoshi: "884,736 processor, 216-rack cluster to hit the three-petaflop mark"

New "safe" reactors "unsafe"

DonFundoshi: news at 11

You only give me your funny paper



bookmark to turn any failed page url into a draw from the web archive bank:

DonFundoshi: javascript:location=%22http://www.archive.org/web/*/%22 + location; void 0
DonFundoshi: and for searching for links to the page instead:
DonFundoshi: javascript:location=%22http://www.google.com/search?num=100&q=link:%22 + escape(location); void 0

File under: humour: "Note written December 27th, 1997: Copy protection is now a historical curiosity, but this essay still makes for fun reading."

DonFundoshi: fileunder: denial of service (us or them?)
DonFundoshi: "The hand is quicker than the eye &emdash; especially at 16 MHz."

JHU MUSE Project: Free access to (some) academic journals

DonFundoshi: more here at bioone (about biology)

Norm Doering wipes the floor with Andrew Sullivan

Only 19 per cent of Australians prefer the Government?s approach that focuses mainly on nuclear power and clean coal technologies

DonFundoshi: "74 per cent of Australians would prefer a greenhouse strategy based mainly on energy efficiency and renewable energy"

Australian government makes indigenous land-grab using military and police

DonFundoshi: one may safely assume the entire strange exercise is related to his desire to secure land for a nuclear waste disposal so that he can have some nukes
DonFundoshi: ignoring the existence of local inhabitants according to Aust Government Tradition since 1778, in 2005, and today
DonFundoshi: background on the hunt for waste storage .. "six they chose as most likely were all in safe Government seats. So they were canned in a hurry... "
DonFundoshi: there may be some indigenous communities that want nuclear waste, but it's pretty hard right now for the Commonwealth to accept the offer and still make sense, having labelled the Aboriginal Land Council representatives corrupt and done away with them ...
DonFundoshi: "They are rotten to the core." .. now isn't that odd that they are the only people of note to want nuclear waste on their land?
DonFundoshi: cue invasion of NT, which being a territory of the Australian Government, rather than a state, with relatively small population, is under significant pressure

Australian NSW Government secret black list prevents 7,000 from employment

DonFundoshi: category: disturbing: "... being rejected without proper explanation. Or worse still, being sent to HealthQuest where dishonest doctors issue fraudulent statements that they are unfit for work." WTFF?
DonFundoshi: "It is not until these people [many of whom have spoken up about abuses being perpetrated at HealthQuest] do Freedom of Information requests that they discover the reason for 'unfitness' is 'mental illness'."
DonFundoshi: keywords: "With a union like that, who needs enemies!"

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