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Peter Gutmann strikes again - this time Windows Vista Content Protection

seti: Technical knockout in... too many pages. Several on every page, though.
Ash: old


seti: "The proposed R2,4bn acquisition of [IT services group] Business Connexion by [South Africa's monopoly telco] Telkom has been blocked by the Competition Commission."

The Hate Boat

seti: Vanity Fair chimes in: Ship of Ghouls

CIA Releases Files On Past Misdeeds

Spain's botched peace process

Buttocks Massage 1



Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC rips Paris report

Mutiny-: feh MSNBC
Mutiny-: She looks kind of hot when she gets all indignant when whoever the dickbag to her right starts talking about Paris.
seti: dickbag is sean hannity, and indeed a dickbag.
Mutiny-: The dickbags have it.
seti: and she indeed looks kind of hot... and apparently doesn't smoke as she has to borrow a lighter. bonus points!
Mutiny-: Or penalty points depending on how you look at it.

A Senate committee investigating the National Security Agency?s warrantless wiretapping program issued subpoenas to the Bush administration this afternoon for documents related to the authorization and legal justification for the eavesdropping.

seti: KABOOM
DonFundoshi: "Three Republicans joined Democrats in the 13 to 3 vote to authorize the subpoenas."
DonFundoshi: "An administration proposal to overhaul the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act is pending in Congress."
DonFundoshi: and some judge is being queried re whether he lied under oath while being appointed recently

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