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Jocks vs Stoners: Facebook vs. MySpace

kp: TLDR


lemonodor: Interview with Alexyss K. Tylor of Vagina Power
lemonodor: "Hitting the Walls and Working the Middle with Alexyss K. Tylor of Vagina Power"
lemonodor: i love her comments on her mother
lemonodor: "there is a deeper sub-atomic core memory in the sperm that I love to tell men about."

aussie aussie aussie FOI FOI FOI or Australia: journalists declared in contempt of court because would not reveal sources

anonion: "refused to reveal the source of a leaked Federal Government plan to cut war veterans' benefits" .. the Federal Govt wants to prosecute leakers .. so much for FOI
anonion: <vic judge> new Commonwealth shield laws for journalists do not apply in [state of] Victoria
anonion: even though Victoria is a state in the Commonwealth of Australia
anonion: more detailed story
anonion: story from the newspaper which employed them
anonion: "relieved to avoid jail but were disappointed at receiving convictions"
anonion: why FOI doesn't work, so journalists only resort is to obtain information from leakers .. and how the government is trying to plug that last window to information on wtf they are up to
anonion: News Ltd speaks out .. may be interesting to see if they back their words, or somehow lever the situation to get more exclusives for themselves
anonion: whistleblowers in Australian workplaces are only protected if they report their complaint only to their bosses .. ie they are not protected at all in real terms.
anonion: whistleblowing being pretty much by definition the act of reporting something that your boss is doing wrong ...
anonion: with no real unions left, the only recourse whistleblowers have is to tell a journalist .. now fewer journalists will be really eager to listen
anonion: reportage sans frontier story (reporters without borders)
anonion: keywords: totalitarian govts that operate in secrecy and violently repress members of their populace and operate for the benefit of a small elite

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