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WELCOME TO #INFOANARCHY. AND BY "ANARCHY" WE MEAN "FASCISM." GET IT STRAIGHT, FUCKWITS. | We've got more deviated paranoid delusionals than any other IRC channel ever! | Where the law is an ass and a judge is just a guy/chick with a whip <- PS. Some people paid alot money for that.

LISP 1.5 for the IBM 7090


anonion: "Imagine a fearsomely comprehensive disclaimer of liability. Now fear, comprehensively."

Invisible Face-Stab Knife

crypto[maletop]: 4 ASH
crypto[maletop]: 4 ASH
crypto[maletop]: 4 ASH

Farms Fund Robots to Replace Migrant Fruit Pickers

kp^work: yay send em all back accross the border!

Free domain names from .tk

anonion: have to pay if you want proper DNS

Single Tesla Coil at Duckon 2007

Ruptured Cable Disrupts Internet Service in 5 Latin American Nations

coderman: Orkut users report "eerie calm" on the social networking site today.

crypto[maletop], BUNKER-UP!


game controller for couples

I predict a C++ ABI for x86 when Duke Nuke'm Forever is released

Fjalar: A Dynamic Analysis Framework for C and C++ Programs

coderman: and the Kvasir tool built around Fjalar...

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