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Death to Clippy || under surveillance of the type that would make a good woman blush || home of iShit || if you feel you are not properly sedated call 348 844 immediately

No responsible sex ads please - we're American TV

Rate Rise Pushes Housing, Economy to `Blood Bath'

Bane of my existence

seti: comics about all of us

This Bitch has the Interneht on dis muthafugga


lemonodor: LANDROIDS!
Ash: blandroids
lemonodor: DARPA recommends iRobot Create + gumstix + wifistix as a research platform

Nazis Rock on in Croatia

coderman: what... the.... FUCK?
Mutiny-: Rock over London! Rock over Chicago!
coderman: "Whoever said that Black Legion is not coming back, May his father fuck him... O Racan, may a dog fuck your mother, and the ones who voted for you." -- HEY, CATCHY TUNE! cough

Duke nukem still rules

Zerodhero: ... and I'm all outta gum

Miracle diet pill with one teeny tiny side effect.

Mutiny-: SPOILER: The side-effect is that you shit your pants.

More Vagina Power


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