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Death to Clippy

International Trepanation Advocacy Group


Supply vs Demand

seti: Supply Demand
seti: These will cross next year. Hilarity will not ensue.



Who Killed the Desktop Application?

coderman: "I've sworn by Microsoft Streets and Trips for years, since the late 90's. I make a point of installing the latest version of Microsoft's mapping application all our desktop PCs for all our desktop mapping needs... So I was taken aback when I noticed my wife was using Google Maps on her PC to map something."
coderman: "I asked her why she was using Google Maps instead of our old pal Streets and Trips, and she said, quite matter of factly, "Because it's faster.""
coderman: "I tested it myself, and she's right. It takes about 9 seconds to launch Streets and Trips 2007 on my (very fast) desktop PC, compared to about 3 seconds to load maps.google.com in the browser. It's a mixed-up, topsy-turvy world we live in when web mapping applications are now faster and more convenient to use than their desktop equivalents."

People and their avatars

Casting Dilbert

seti: Stephen Colbert for Dilbert! Or John Hodgman.

FBI tries to fight zombie hordes

seti: Best. Serious. News. Article. Title. Evar.
seti: (Spoiler: it's about hijacked Windows computers.)


seti: Counter-psyops by TSA
anonion: conclusion? to save me a 50MB download and 1/2 hour ... ?
anonion: oh TSA != Total Surveillance Awareness any more?
anonion: ah .. TIA != TSA hahaha how could I think that
pretender: The video makes it pretty clear that she dumps the liquid on the ground on purpose

Wheelchair man gets a lift on the highway

Oliver: You shouldn't laugh, but.. you have to really :D

Kegel exercise - also known as "the horse gesture"?

coderman: "excuse me, did you just make the horse gesture at me? what??"

The Guiness Book of the Ancient World

coderman: "the wife of Emperor Claudius -- Messalina, 34 years his junior -- made a name for herself by challenging the city's best known whore to a sex marathon." - LOL

best concept of religion ever.

coderman: ... now to replace all the other variants! (particularly the dogmatic and institutionalized flavors)


coderman: damn, some good shit out here in oregon! :)


lemonodor_: Microgram, published by the DEA
lemonodor_: "[Editor’s Notes: This also appears to be the first ever report of Ecstasy tablets containing glitter to Microgram;...]"
lemonodor_: "The Arkansas State Crime Laboratory (Little Rock) recently received a paperback novel that had apparent yellow highlighter stains on several pages, that field-tested positive for methamphetamine (see Photo 5)."
coderman: "trace MDP2P..." - fucking dirty cooks! quit frying my receptors!
coderman: "SODAS MIXED WITH COUGH SYRUP" - heheh, this thing is full of funny

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