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"There has never been a massively successful consumer device based solely on a touch screen" | We were hell of sad we had no manes, dogg! || fifty secret remixes of Boten Anna


Neocon II: Lie Hard With a Vengeance

Liquid and particle systems simulation video showcases

EU mobile operators bemoan Apple's iPhone arrogance


Enter.. The Internet!

Ash: turn off popup blocker before clicking!

A public TorDNSEL service.

coderman: dig @exitlist.torproject.org

words of caution

Ash: caution
coderman: "My friend Dr. Eamonn Butler of the Adam Smith Institute writes: "Have you noticed how IT people resemble drug dealers? They both call their clients 'users', and though both will give you a fix over the phone, you'll pay a lot for it. And how their clients are over the moon when their stuff works, but want to kill them when it doesn't?"
coderman: "beware of Ash

Free Rootkit with Every New Intel Machine

coderman: dude! i've always hated installing my rootkits after market. wheee

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