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Court Says Military Cannot Hold 'Enemy Combatant'

seti: In a stinging rejection of one of the Bush administration?s central assertions about the scope of executive authority to combat terrorism, a federal appeals court ordered the Pentagon to release a man being held as an enemy combatant.
seti: Score another for habeas corpus against pure evil.

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates interview highlights


Where To Watch For Live WWDC 2007 Updates

Video of Nedap electronic voting machine (as used in the Netherlands and Germany) having its ROMs replaced in 60 seconds

anonion: is that easier or harder than replacing a bunch of ballot papers in a locked box with a hole in the top?
anonion: Governments (TM) - defrauding elections since year .
anonion: definitely more expensive than a box with a hole in the top -- both for making and rooting
anonion: hmm .. ever seen ballot papers with any form of forgery-prevention measure like the scribbles you see on bank-notes? and what's to say any ballot paper cannot be marked in a way that official observers wouldn't notice, in order to claim payment for votes ..
anonion: but yeah, it would be nice if the extra capital investment and technology of e-voting would improve things
seti: it won't, electronic voting is flawed by definition
anonion: something to be said for the commune model .. seems likely more reliable than either paper or e-voting representational .. where commune is small enough that each voter knows the representatives and other voters personally and has a good chance of detecting and amending local exploits, then same strategy is repeated at each layer of govt upwards
seti: something more is to be said for anonymous voting, though


London sux now

anonion: (from On The Buses title sequence;)

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