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The Biggest Collection of Skimpy Micro Skinny String Bikinis I could find while my IT Manager was in a meeting

Oliver: There are some fine toes in there too!
coderman: "... he's back!"
Oliver: Thats not a bikini!
lemonodor: girl in the hot pink top has two left nipples?

loom == digital monies

coderman: what shall fill the gaping void left by legal assault on eGold and 1mdc? hopefully something!

aspects of morality and altruism hard coded into our genes

Wikipedia Category: Exploding Animals

Mutiny-: I think my favorite is Anti-Tank Dog
Mutiny-: However, in 1942 one use of the anti-tank dogs went seriously awry when a large contingent of anti-tank dogs ran amok, endangering everyone in the battle and forcing the retreat of an entire Soviet division. Soon afterward the anti-tank dogs were withdrawn from service.
anonion: if there's no mince meat under the tank now, there will be later, Fido.
Mutiny-: it's a dog eat dog blow up tank world.

How sshd does x-forwarding

anonion: "To successfully reconnect an X client to a different sshd X pseudo server, the client would have to change its DISPLAY variable, re-read the ~/.Xauthority file and initiate a new connection to the new X pseudo server."
anonion: thread continues "run screen before you ssh to the remote system. That way when you disconnect the screen, the X sessions keep running over the encrypted link."
anonion: or just use VNC
anonion: see also
anonion: see also access grid shared desktop
anonion: see also VNC virtual framebuffer
anonion: using xvfb vs VNC
anonion: see also x11VNC which allows VNC clients to access (remote) X displays
anonion: see also Xnest
anonion: UltraVNC is a good drop-in replacement


(Matt Taibbi for Rolling Stone) Giuliani: Worse Than Bush

anonion: "chirping crickets"

Australia to buy cluster bombs

anonion: "Israel Military Industries asked the Australian Government to consider its M85 bomblet that it said was safer than others"
anonion: <Israel> Go on, try one, IT"S WAFER THIN!!!
anonion: a cluster of cluster bombs in a rocket:
anonion: via IDF admits targeting civilian areas in Lebanon with cluster bombs
anonion: but civilians are the normal targets for these bombs: "In a study of 24 countries and regions, <clusterbombs> killed, wounded or maimed 11,044 people of whom 98 percent were civilians."
anonion: still think there is no conspiracy?
anonion: the bombs deliberately scatter many many unexploded munitions, which for example continue to "cause between two and three casualties a day in south Lebanon"
anonion: the munitions look like children's toys eg
anonion: note that use of weaponry which fails to discriminate between civilian and military targets is a war crime
anonion: also note that the article 50 higher on that page mentions that one beligerant using humans as shields DOES NOT free the other beligerant of their obligations under the Geneva Conventions
anonion: see you in prison, mr bush, sharon, howard, et al.
anonion: o/' unforgivable .. that's what you are .. o/'
anonion: to be fair to the australian military decision, the new israeli cluster bombs are supposed to be significantly safer, using a self-destruct fuse, but the Israeli's don't use them themselves because they can buy US made ones using aid money
anonion: however, when deploying 1-3 million bombs, as that report suggests was done for example in last year's israel-lebanon conflict, even 0.2% live unexploded munitions would be a lot of civilian casualties
anonion: if the live munitions are scattered among many "self-defused" munitions, someone still has to carefully check each dud to know for sure if it would explode .. false confidence anyone?
anonion: also worth noting that the marketing material for the "improved" devices portrays the improved safety as being "safer for the deploying army" not as "safer for civilians" .. the bombs are still meant to be delivered without targetting to blanket a wide area
anonion: fuse design requirement spec
anonion: specs and description of M85 cluster bomb grenade apparently collated mainly from manufacturer marketing material

iPhone Commercials

Torture, Al-Qaeda Style

coderman: MAY 24--In a recent raid on an al-Qaeda safe house in Iraq, U.S. military officials recovered an assortment of crude drawings depicting torture methods like "blowtorch to the skin" and "eye removal."

Tale of last 90 minutes of woman's life

Mutiny-: Parked in the emergency room lobby in a wheelchair after police left, she fell to the floor. She lay on the linoleum, writhing in pain, for 45 minutes, as staffers worked at their desks and numerous patients looked on.

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