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<AccordionGuy> TWO DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!! || With all the power that all those big computers in that room use, I doubt it is really eco-friendly to run those big units at the same time. And all computers have cooling fans anyway

WaPo: Denying Genocide in Darfur - and Americans Their Coca-Cola

seti: Presenting the new Baghdad Bob: Khartoum Karl

OMG the sea is rising quick switch to nuclear OMG where can we put the waste? (animation)

miketv: btw note also that Australia has many earthquakes
miketv: "Because of Australia?s geological position, we are prone to what seismologists call ?intra-plate? earthquakes. These are different and poorly-understood in comparison with the more familiar ?plate-margin? type"
miketv: "The historical record in Australia goes back only about 210 years."
miketv: groundwater is the main water supply for many rural australians, so you know where you can put your nuclear waste, mr howard
miketv: see also Great Artesian Basin
miketv: in fact Greaty Artesian Basin is only one groundwater pool, and here is a decent map of it
miketv: interactive Australian map (you need to use "add layer")

China geology maps


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