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Food imports are scary


miketv: Pls implement
miketv: soon you hordes of little internet nerds will have completed my Fractal Compression software and I will be free of these pesky aliasing artifacts FOREVERMUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

superb article on Depth of Field in SLR cameras, includes the graphix

miketv: even so, I am looking for a graph that shows dof vs mag for effective A, since this equation is more-or-less constant for all lenses longer than about 20mm
miketv: and yes, by jingo, it should show distances down to say 0.1m or even 0.01m
miketv: this dof grapher pretty much rox

NaturalDocs::File package "works around the glorious suckage present in File::Spec"

miketv: cheer!
miketv: the parent project looks nice

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