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<jilldaw> 13/f/moist || oh vell || he is ancient and forever. he is fire and ice and rage. he is the storm that burns at the heart of the sun, and he sees the turn of the universe.

explanation of the king wen sequence of hexagrams

NY Times op-ed arguing for infinite copyright by drawing an analogy between intellectual "property" and physical objects

Mutiny: lol bad analogy
jilldaw: the founding fathers did not argue aiui that

Naming Things

coderman: "Operation Bloated Budget" sounds a bit too honest, while "Operation Farmer's Daughter" a little too literal, although "Operation Noble Screw" is perhaps sufficiently dignified.

WordPress Adsense Deluxe Vulnerability

coderman: let's make some money, fellas!

The story of coderman's professional carreer

coderman: summarized into a nice metaphor

Lithium Battery Explosion By Night

coderman: be sure to get a big whiff of that smoke, boy and girls!
Ash: are all these going to be about coderman's job? geez


Here you go!

crypto[maletop]: Coderman's work, and why it's so fun apparently
coderman: dude, did that foot rest give consent?!?! FUCKING RAPIST!!
Ash: <coderman> just call me PIPE LAYER
coderman: they call me, "MAN WHO BANGS LIKE HE'S HULA HOOPING"

Pirates and Emperors

Doll Face

coderman: i hope the singularity uses makeup


Ash: this accurately depicts what it is like to work where coderman does
coderman: heheh

Spying on the Home Front

coderman: available for watching now. surely a re-chump, but i care not.

Armed police swoop on fancy dress cowgirls with toy guns

coderman: someone please explain to me how a white plastic gun, with pink pistol grip and red cap on barrel is an "imitation firearm"
crypto[maletop]: hey man...never point a gun, whether real or fake
crypto[maletop]: Just manners
crypto[maletop]: Unless of course, the chick mouths it for a bit...and then points...then that's called hypnotism, not bad manners

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