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SET MY.. TOPICS.. FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE||guardian of the /t FLAME | happybirthday mutiny and huslage!

N Korean general tells George Bush joke (and it's a good one!): listeners don't know how to react

Mutiny: <Bush> We'll see how fucking funny you god damn nips think this is... THE RELEASE OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS HAS BEEN AUTHORIZED BY ME, THE PRESIDENT!

The Wonderjock

jilldaw: The Wonderjock
jilldaw: Don't let cold water make yer junk look shrunk.
est: video

Lamborghini DIablo.

rik: Yes, that is its actual registration

Pagani Zonda!

Prostitute Killed In Hoe Attack

Manufacturing belief

Zerodhero: In Wolpert's view, religion has given believers an evolutionary advantage, even though it's based on a grand illusion.

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