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aMule broken

miketv: 1. don't "autoconnect on startup" as default
miketv: 2. don't fucking keep ignoring what directories I say to share and instead sharing out my entire computer
miketv: 3. Fucking well let me change the server-port like you say you do in your FAQ, not just assume I want it at client-port+3
miketv: 4. stop hogging 100% CPU for ten minutes while you parse my entire hard drive as specified in fucking 2.
miketv: mldonkey instead

Ben & Jerry's Ice cream dioxin content evaluated

miketv: Ben & Jerry's states in promotional literature that "The only safe level of dioxin exposure is no exposure at all." .. and yet there was dioxin found by tests of their product
miketv: "none at all" != some
miketv: "based on U.S. Government information about the potential health effects of dioxin, Ben & Jerry's ice cream may cause about two hundred of cases of cancer among its consumers..."
miketv: "we were able only to test one sample of ice cream" ..

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