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Hey mang. Don't drop acid, drop maths [HEY YOU! don't drop that, drop this]

OverUnderWhere: apples
OverUnderWhere: oranges
OverUnderWhere: "Twenty years ago, 80% of the Chinese population survived on less than a dollar a day...." .. the more rigourous tests are because of the higher competition for places .. does the RSC think that fewer places and greater inequity between those who can contemplate them and "the rest" is a good thing?
OverUnderWhere: ... like Galileo dropped the orange ...
OverUnderWhere: more rigourous tests and an exclusion policy instead of a remedial one .. yeah sounds great.
OverUnderWhere: <RSC> Now let's you just drop them pants...
OverUnderWhere: d-d-d-dDROP?!
OverUnderWhere: yeah, Texas has religion now the RSC wants you to just go get some
OverUnderWhere: cowboy.

Country B0Ner that won't go down


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