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humanish looking face in satellite view, few hundred miles north west of where Atlantis is reputed to be in Bolivia

OverUnderWhere: atlantis info
OverUnderWhere: the atlantis site as far as I can figure out
OverUnderWhere: somehow the aliens wrote "google" all over the surface too

Optical link hacking unsheathed

Find Jesus in your clouds

blingtock: Bless 'em, thats what i says

Boron Balls

Tock Homeworld Discovered

est: "Although the new planet is much closer to its star than the Earth is to the Sun, its star, a so-called red dwarf, is only about a hundredth as luminous as the Sun. So 7 million miles is a comfortable cuddling distance."
rovar: I wonder if it has a spaceship orbiting it piloted by a quirky human with a lust for chicken vindaloo
est: "The high gravity leads to well-developed glutes."

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