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smokey 4/20


The Tao of Gonzales

Musical Tesla Coil

'Sex is better with a Brazilian'

manchicken_: Any Brazilian ladies up for a scientific study?


OverUnderWhere: how the fuck did they slip this one by?
OverUnderWhere: "Prime Minister John Howard open Australia's new $400 million nuclear research reactor at Lucas Heights in Sydney"
OverUnderWhere: would the US allow a full-scale Australian nuclear program, since nuclear weapons of our own would remove the dependency which allows them to force Pine Gap spy ground station on us?
OverUnderWhere: never mind any other obvious arguments, I think that one is a killer by itself
OverUnderWhere: "the controversial Collins subs" mentioned are some of the best in the world, fwiw .. hahaha nice try
OverUnderWhere: It's specifically because they're diesel powered that they are any good.
OverUnderWhere: more validation
OverUnderWhere: and the snorkeling requirement of diesel can be alleviated
OverUnderWhere: though as long as Australia has no ambitions of Empire, I doubt there is any need for greater endurance
OverUnderWhere: or is it that the folks wanting the nuclear power then want the ability to defend their nuclear power stations .. so need nuclear weapons .. so need nuclear power stations .. ad infinitum?


OverUnderWhere: For our hearts are black and filled with humour...

Own a piece of history!

bk: It is now work safe
bk: Bid as of 0913 Eastern is $3900
seti: PageRank of 0... worthless buy
est: illtockin

Eastern Australia lacks water for irrigation after decades of misuse, news at 11

OverUnderWhere: cf Aral Sea for orders of magnitude of stupidity
OverUnderWhere: not mentioned in the article, logging of catchements (info on how this diminishes water supply too)and "creation" of pastureland .. which must mostly have occurred decades ago but is still ongoing ..
OverUnderWhere: where "creation" is a euphamism for "destruction"
OverUnderWhere: both tree-removal and irrigation are causes of salinity land degradation
OverUnderWhere: clearing methodology:
OverUnderWhere: more info
OverUnderWhere: land clearing and stupid farming practices also encourage loss of Australia's fragile and thin topsoil
OverUnderWhere: report by Lu et al 2001 referenced for the maps in previous url, including the broken final image where the legend colours are mismatched
OverUnderWhere: map with correct legend:
OverUnderWhere: source
OverUnderWhere: maybe interesting to compare vegetation profile for same region .. if erosion is major adjacent to 'forest' then assume previous vegetation type was 'forest'
OverUnderWhere: and rainfall .. "by far the largest part is arid or semi arid." .. either desert or on the fringes of desert
OverUnderWhere: that big yellow bit on the rainfall map -- making up most of the country -- is basically ALL DESERT
OverUnderWhere: the water on the east coast all comes from one long windy river .. most of the farms couldn't farm without running the river dry as they do today
OverUnderWhere: the river flows through the desert and used to reach the sea in the south
OverUnderWhere: this is why most Asutralian farms are suffering from DROUGHT
OverUnderWhere: because they're in the DESERT
OverUnderWhere: and yet many seem to expect to indulge in European farming practices, developed (over a long period) in a region of moderate rainfall and thick, rich topsoil
OverUnderWhere: as well as running the river dry (yes, singular, one fucking river that hardly rates as a river by world standards, its more like a very long creek), Australia is pumping its vast ground water supply dry too
OverUnderWhere: Government solution? move to "where the water is" .. where in fact the water is not, 50% of the time ...
OverUnderWhere: certainly the nothern land use as grazing rangelands is not highly efficient, but is he talking about converting that land, or destroying more forest? who'd like to guess.. and can the land support more efficient use anyway?
OverUnderWhere: pipe dreams abound
OverUnderWhere: yet local rainfall in urban areas mostly runs off to sea while the urbanites use water from the river catchments
OverUnderWhere: to hose their drives and wash their cars. ffs.
OverUnderWhere: welcome to NFI Friday
OverUnderWhere: logging/segmenting wet forest increases fire risk and #16 from same thread gives $$$ values for conserving logged forest ... if Australia would sign Kyoto


rabbi: N is a safe prime and q is a Sophie-Germain prime.

"Roberta" (a story)

est: ..featuring _Mises For The Hypermass: Human Action In Integrated Ultralow Scarcity_
fridge: Mises makes me sleepy
OverUnderWhere: etymology of epistemology

Buttocks Massage

cryptomail: Broadband corrupts

McCain sings about bombing Iran

Don't piss off someone that actually knows the law...

Woz's metal business card

Bush's law aide says sorry and begs for job


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