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Mutiny: "The jury is weighing whether that revelation could have thrown O'Toole into a fit of rage so outrageous that she drugged Slaby, waited until he fell asleep, then glued his penis to his stomach, his testicles to his leg and his buttocks together. O'Toole said it was part of a sex game -- so was the nail polish, which she said she used to paint sideburns on him in honor of Elvis."
Mutiny: having to walk a mile with my balls super glued to my leg sounds like about the worst thing that could ever happen.
seti: in the cold.


A Disturbing look at Steve and Bill

How to surf on any river, just add dynamite!


bk: Killing spree at VT
blingtock: "Police: Gunman kills at least 21", followed by "At least 22 people were killed in two incidents when a lone gunman opened fire on the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg on Monday, police said.", gj CNN!

Abstinence-only sex education still failing miserably at its stated goals; US government has no intention of changing funding for it

OverUnderWhere: JUST SAY NO.
OverUnderWhere: NO BUSH FOR YOU!
OverUnderWhere: in soviet russia, you don't abstain from sex, SEX ABSTAINS FROM YOU
OverUnderWhere: etc
seti: How about a Beowulf clusterfuck of those?
OverUnderWhere: No thanks, we're British.

http://bugzilla.gnome.org/query.cgi?query=hue mode&error_text=Unfortunately%2C bugzilla can not do searches with words less than four letters long. We blame MySQL. Please rephrase your search and try again.

OverUnderWhere: need I say more?
OverUnderWhere: since your search engine does not work, why not let other search engines index the site?
OverUnderWhere: alternative bug search facility

Get one up ya!

The Mouse Jiggler


Are mobile phones wiping out our bees?

seti: Death of the world predicted, news at 11

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