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this is my emoticon interpretation of "falling in and out of love;" 8-) ;) :-* =-O O:-) :-X :-/ :) ;) :-* :-! >:o :-[ :( :-/

The Swing



OverUnderEveryWhere: usage: # sdparm -s STANDBY /dev/sdd

Flowers for Algernon

OverUnderEveryWhere: /me read "flowers of algernon" thought maybe an old Dr Who episode

English re-examine how they accidentally drifted 5000 miles into Iranian waters

OverUnderEveryWhere: when was the last time you heard of an Iranian vessel patrolling the North Sea?
OverUnderEveryWhere: "confessions" made by the sailors in captivity on television and in letters appeared to have been made under "a certain amount of psychological pressure."
OverUnderEveryWhere: cf five years of torture in solitary being an "acceptable" "Coalition of the Willing" way to extract confessions...
OverUnderEveryWhere: eg
OverUnderEveryWhere: /me sits back and awaits the stormtroopers

locating Ithaca

Get ya State Religion here

OverUnderEveryWhere: Ironic, isn't it ..
OverUnderEveryWhere: Corrupt former Qld Premier Sir Joh Bjelkepetersen was (rightly) derided for his ignorance of Separation of Powers, while here we have the Head of State, The Queen, Elizabeth II, head of the Church of England.
OverUnderEveryWhere: HAHA FUCKING HAR.
OverUnderEveryWhere: next week our PM will be telling us it is just this sort of thing (TM) which makes the Iranians a threat to us.

"Chocks Away"

Welcome to Pimp My Private Army

lemonodor: "[blackwater] has apparently been running roughshod over the political process of establishing a 824 acre training facility in a little rural community East of San Diego."




lemonodor: "this is a serious film, about a woman who has lost control of her sexual desires."
Mutiny: does this movie look entirely lame to anybody else but me? come on... a girl with a GUN FOR A LEG???????





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