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metric haet pizza

Death of the net predicted... or not

Obese treated like horsies

cryptomail: State of the art bariatric care IMO
Mutiny: FAT CAMP


cryptomail: Wonder if CL will be sued as an enabler for crime

The answer...no passport needed (yet)

Ash: why won't you just fucking listen to me the first type cryptomail
cryptomail: Cuz you want to see me in a MEXICAN JAIL so you can LULZ
Ash: well that would be funny but i was being serious :(
cryptomail: I know...I just needed to see it from another source, sorry to hurt your feelings
Ash: :((((((((((((((
cryptomail: I don't know who's for or against me anymore after what pleung did to me
Ash: but you told pleung you like 'golden showers', cryptomail
cryptomail: This is true


OverUnderWhere: get up on it like this
OverUnderWhere: if you don't like to http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs/view/svn/xsoft/openoffice.html

offensive coding

OverUnderWhere: strategy: seize the high ground of giant central libraries such as boost, recruit as many giant monolithic central applications as possible, wait until the opportunity is ripe, fuck things up, profit!
OverUnderWhere: ignore the url. see http://www.microsoft.com and http://debian.org for significant pools of offensive coders
OverUnderWhere: remember kids, code is war
OverUnderWhere: what's the emoticon for tongue-in-cheek?
dopp: -)

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