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Keith Richards says he snorted father's ashes


OverUnderWhere: ./configure --disable-cups --disable-pam --without-java --with-system-mozilla --with-firefox --disable-ldap --disable-gnome-vfs --with-system-python --with-system-freetype --without-stlport4 --disable-odk --disable-systray --disable-pasf --disable-neon --with-system-stdlibs
OverUnderWhere: howto
OverUnderWhere: and even if you want to make an OO that doesn't have java, you need java to make the OO. Doh.
OverUnderWhere: etc .. somehow I sense that these people don't like outsiders
OverUnderWhere: lies
OverUnderWhere: guess what guys, 90% of people who download openoffice just want to read a frigging word document ..
OverUnderWhere: and most of them .. already have a browser .. surprise surprise
OverUnderWhere: if only we all ran oobuntoo we would all be better off, right? uh.
Mutiny: I herd OverUnderWhere lieks mudkips

The dark knight is now... Darth Vader!


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