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Full of health? Then don't click! || tock > * || dont use on production machines LOL

Keef is Rock and Roll

dopp: He's made of Silly Putty
bk: He can't be killed by conventional weaponry

F-Secure are sure smoking the good stuff.

seti: Email: firstname.lastname@f-secure.com sic


Gutter Fighting


overunderwhere: another unionfs
overunderwhere: for linux

Using ImageMagick {-fuzz X -trim} to autocrop images

25,000-horsepower engine and special wheels

bk: Zoom Zoom Zoom
fridge: it's not even the fastest train
overunderwhere: good info on TGV
overunderwhere: and here
seti: movie from French television

Pwn private Guantanamo

overunderwhere: YOU ARE NOT ==> HERE
overunderwhere: someone's nest getting awful cosy on the back of these attrocious prison schemes .. this one for people not found guilty of any crime .. the majority have rights under the refugee convention, which Australia ignores
overunderwhere: more info including "the prison is being built despite strong objections from the local community" .. "government .. declares that people 'won't even know they're being detained'"
overunderwhere: that's a big change from now, where people simply don't know WHY they're being detained

Alanis Morisette "My Humps"



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