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Ash: we mock you

Iraq's battlefield slang

junkblocker: Someone made it reg free at http://www.sierratimes.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard/post.cgi?action=replyquote&forum=25&topic=720&postno=1
junkblocker: See also http://forums.cadetstuff.org/viewtopic.php?t=7434&sid=a0dfc01ee2066a1591acf2f38364605d
seti: no reg, see also
seti: more slang



Welcome to Google TiSP

est: from the faq: "To offset the cost of providing the TiSP service, we use information gathered by discreet DNA sequencing of your personal bodily output to display online ads that are contextually relevant to your culinary preferences, current health status and likelihood of developing particular medical conditions going forward."
Ash: die, google
Ash: april fools is not funny


junkblocker: Moral of the story - h4xx0rs are gay
fridge: I feel like crying

Matt Taibbi: A Timetable for Politics as Usual


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