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hexagons are a blasphemy before god - repent sinners


They Just Don't Make Sweden the Way They Used To

jilldaw: Not safe for work!
jilldaw: tock-inclusive
junkblocker: Don't you wish you were from Sweden!
seti: s/from/in/

John McCain's MySpace 0wned

pretender: Nobody with a MySpace account can be taken seriously anyway

Today, Scott Adams will improve your sex life.

Some dipshit writing on an education poster

cryptomail: Not spelling correctly, of course.

The "Dubya And Dick" Scandal Chart

seti: Like the sexchart, only dirtier
rovar: Save a copy. Get sent to Gitmo.
seti: this chart is from 2003. an updated one would crash any browser due to its sheer size.


cryptomail: ok...this shit is nuts
cryptomail: I'll file it under performance art I guess....
cryptomail: but like....off off off off off off off broadway shit where bums are reading lines for crack or something
seti: Failed in the black art of getting a correct fucking aspect ratio
cryptomail: hey, what do you expect
cryptomail: It's painful to watch in EVERY aspect :D
seti: No contest from me there

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