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< lemonodor> i resign. || < rik> but i nearly rear ended a pigeon.

"I be concubining."

Failure is just success rounded down.

Help the Police!


cryptomail: Snitching pays

Girl finds missing dog's head in box on doorstep

anomie: Police looking for suspects in "implied" terroristic threat
anomie: maxlol

The Rude Pundit chronicles Cheney's talk at AIPAC

Stereo Eclipse

"The set +h command turns off bash's hash function. Hashing is ordinarily a useful feature?bash uses a hash table to remember the full path of executable files to avoid searching the PATH time and again to find the same executable."

OverUnder: if you type just "hash" it will tell you what it's remembered, "hash -r" will make it forget .. etc see "man bash"

It only takes 4 years of solitary and beatings to confess to stuff.

OverUnder: I done it, not him. Lock me up too.
lemonodor: didn't he confess years ago?
lemonodor: could there be something else that the administration would prefer to get off the front page?
Ash: yeah, confessions after you've been tortured for years are obviously not suspect at all

Never Forget 1-31-07!

The Ansari

laney: The Ansari

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