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jilldaw: Perhaps the gayest website ever
jilldaw: warning: takes forever to load and plays really lame music
Ash: No, http://meatspin.com is the gayest website ever

TOYGERS (tiger-like cats)

Mutiny: FGSFDS WANT!!!!!

Internet: 1, Hit-and-run driver: 0

Big Brother State, an animation about life in a surveillance state

Ash: or as most of us call it, "the united kingdom"
Oliver: Time for Bunker 2.0!

UK Group (including ProDrive purcahse Aston Martin)

Oliver: Prodrive also speculating to brand thier next F1 team as Astons


Around the Washington D.C. Beltway, all eyes in the network industry are on a big prize: a 10 year, $20 billion telecommunications services deal that the U.S. federal government is expected to award as early as next week.

seti: "In the meantime, carriers and their teammates have hundreds of employees working on last-minute details of the Networx bids, which were more than 5,000-pages long and featured more than seven million individual prices."

The press corps is rotten

Adobe: still no 64-bit flash

OverUnder: GplFlash
OverUnder: gnash
OverUnder: <Adobe> We is stoopid.


<BBC> uh. We lost the tape.

OverUnder: /me points BBC to http://www.excite.co.uk/directory/News/Services/Media_Monitoring
OverUnder: /me points BBC at their local library
OverUnder: <BBC 20 minutes before it happened on the day> uh. 47 story WTC7 building fell down already. like wow.
OverUnder: /me points BBC to more news archiving organisations
OverUnder: <BBC> duh. we is stoopid.
OverUnder: "WHERE DID THE BBC GET THE INFORMATION THAT 1) BUILDING 7 HAD COLLAPSED, 2) THAT THE PROBABLE CAUSE WAS FIRES AND 3) THAT THERE WERE NO CAUSALTIES. This is highly specific information which renders your explanation dubious to say the least. Your "the video vanished" excuse is a real laugh. Maybe it went to the same place as the video of the "hijackers" and other passangers getting on to the 4 planes, the pentagon surveillance
OverUnder: videos and the videos from the 4 cameras on the bus that blew up in Tavistock."
OverUnder: analysis of the "pullit" comment
OverUnder: the BBC video footage featuring Jayne Standley
OverUnder: "BBC reports for 20 solid minutes that WTC7 has collapsed when even in the live shot it stands as sturdy as the day it was built."
OverUnder: OH HO HO HO
OverUnder: 9/11 is the new 1/4
OverUnder: "The archive footage is mysteriously pulled off of YouTube and Google video repeatedly and without provocation or explanation."
OverUnder: remember folks, there is no conspiracy (TM)
OverUnder: perhaps "close to collapse" was mistranscribed as "close to WTC has collapsed" .. her interview possibly shot against a blue-screen and she wouldn't know what WTC7 looked like anyway ..
OverUnder: but BBC "losing footage" is inexcusable
OverUnder: BBC could try the national archives and their friends
OverUnder: /me points BBC employees at their BBC Records Management Policy
OverUnder: this stuff might be sought under FOI
OverUnder: using these
OverUnder: raises interesting questions about freedom of the press ... but at least records relating to the location of the archives of the actual broadcast should be able to be sought imho
OverUnder: "8.7 The movement and location of records should be controlled to ensure that a record can be easily retrieved at any time, that any outstanding issues can be dealt with, and that there is an auditable trail of record transactions."
OverUnder: "9.2 ... As a general rule, files should be closed after five years and, if action continues, a further file should be opened. An indication that a file of paper records or folder of electronic records has been closed should be shown on the record itself as well as noted in the index or database of the files/folders."
OverUnder: said mark is presumably not usually "cock up"
OverUnder: "9.6 Each authority should maintain a selection policy which states in broad terms the functions from which records are likely to be selected for permanent preservation and the periods for which other records should be retained."
OverUnder: as well as the Core Records Management Policy linked above, BBC has a media management policy which specifically proscribes archiving of all news
OverUnder: summary: Richard Porter, head of BBC World News, is simply unbelievable, and aloof in his dereliction of duty

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