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Apple may use flash memory for notebooks

coderman: heheh, sweet. knew this was coming sooner or later :)
seti: the rumour has been around for several months by now
seti: in fact Intel put out a challenge to build a platform partially based on flash memory not long ago
coderman: yesss, keep em comin'

My Web Client Info

coderman: ... ok, now to add the flash/js/css/java/wmp10/realaudio/etc

traction control doing overtime

bk: He made that his bitch

Camels in Chad

junkblocker: Super hi-res google imagery
seti: are these high-res patches the result of camera testing? or are they planted copyright cookies/easter eggs?


junkblocker: Safe condom usage brought to you by laney's friend

RAW STORY: Soviet-era compound in northern Poland was site of secret CIA interrogation, detentions

seti: 53.624333333 N 21.066666 E
seti: You know who else had camps in Poland, the Nazis!
Ash: Nazis had flair that they made the jews wear
seti: Keyhole forum post, 2005

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