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CAN'T SEE SHIT, CAPTAIN -> nO sHiT, aNd wE'rE hEaDiNg cRaSh lAnDiNg!!! || The Germans have their shiny shoes, and the Chinese have electrical engineering students raining off of high rooftops, but give me the French any day.

SuperHappyDevHouse 16 - Saturday, March 24th, 1pm-1am

Australia: The 51st State

Oliver: Oi, 52nd state please!
rik: They are the King of Diamonds state!

Stereophile reviews Slim Devices Transporter

What's the best way for a fellow to secure his privates while swimming?

lemonodor: "My fiancee has a varicocele which has caused one of his testicles to be quite long (about 5 inches). He'd like to take up swimming, and we're looking for a way he can wear swimming gear without worrying about falling out."
Mutiny: He needs the patented Teste Tucker (tm)

WaPo: Soldiers Share Troubling Stories Of Military Health Care Across U.S. - "It Is Just Not Walter Reed"

seti: Soldiers have been given gag orders to stop the story from garnering more attention that might dispell the myth that the current government cares in any way about The Troops(tm).
seti: And that general was fired mostly to stop him from testifying about one of the underlying causes for bad conditions: excessive outsourcing with not nearly enough oversight.

Reuters: Childhood obesity triggers early puberty - study

anomie: "Childhood obesity in the United States appears to be causing girls to reach puberty at an earlier age, for reasons that are not clear"
anomie: The evolutionary advantage is clear: fat chicks need more time to find a lay, so they start earlier.


News: Britney Spears Tried To Commit Suicide?

seti: No on both counts.

Swiss Army 'Invaded' Neighbour by Mistake

Paul Graham - "Is It Worth Being Wise"

est: "Whereas wisdom comes through humility, it may actually help, in cultivating intelligence, to have a mistakenly high opinion of your abilities, because that encourages you to keep working."

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