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GSM hax0ring

bk: Cool
pretender: Very cool
coderman: SMS not encrypted, GSM active MITM possible with ~5-10k in hardware (Nallatech/Xilinx DSP dev card, RF front ends, additional FPGA(s) for crypto)
coderman: then snarf credentials and enjoy free cell service forever.
coderman: Barkan, Biham, and Keller (thx rabbi) spent about $50k when they broke A5/X six ways to sunday. prices have dropped considerably since...
coderman: (or maybe it was $200k, but they indicated it could be done with only $50k investment?)
coderman: stock up on those cheap subsidized phones now!
pretender: http://cryptome.org/gsm-spy.htm claims you can crack A5 in seconds with cheap hardware given enough ciphertext

(YouTube) Karl - by Eminem.


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