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Compusa pwn3d

U.N. calls U.S. data on Iran's nuclear aims unreliable

seti: "In March 2003, IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei embarrassed the White House when he told the U.N. Security Council that documents indicating Hussein's government in Iraq had sought to purchase uranium in Niger were forged. The Bush administration subsequently opposed ElBaradei's reappointment to his post." says it all, really
Mutiny: 10 will get you 20 that we go into Iran and their much vaunted "uranium enrichment plants" are actually pita bread dough favorites.
Mutiny: <Ahmadinejad> LOL WUT?
seti: bombing milk powder factories is sooo 1998.
Mutiny: Tired: bombing milk powder factories. Wired: bombing garlic powder factories.
seti: The Bush's administration's accusations of Iran providing weapons to Shiites in Iraq sounds hollow, given that the Shiites form the majority of the country, and that (according to Sy Hersh) the USA apparently are funneling money and weapons via Saudi Arabia to Sunni insurgents in the area.
seti: As a reminder, Kofi Annan considers the US invasion of Iraq an illegal act that contravened the UN charter.


Mutiny: encyclopedia dramatica > uncyclopedia

The bombing will begin in five minutes.

Mutiny: Bombing will continue until morale improves.
Oliver: Please continue bombing until you actually kill Cheney!
bk: Cheney cannot be killed by conventional weapons.
Mutiny: You think you can kill a man who's heart hasn't beat since the 2000 presidential primaries?
seti: Cheney doesn't often anymore assume human shape, instead preferring to spend the majority of time in his primordial ooze shape, a pool of dark, concentrated evil in an undisclosed location.
bk: Black ooze Cheney is in yer base.... killin' yer dudes.


Putin's cold war

Ash: poo-tin

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